Spezialitäten aus Italien


Blue cheese seasoned in grape pomace





Goat cheese

Ripening 20 – 30 days




Zoncolan di capra – goat cheese

Ripening 90 days




Goat cheese sesoned in grape pomace

Ripening 6 months




Frant – Pepper cheese

Ripening 30 – 40 days




Hay cheese

Ripening 3 – 4 months




Grotto cheese

Ripening at least 200 days




Beer cheese

Ripening at least 120 days




Wine cheese

Ripening 8 – 10 months




Holes cheese

Ripening 90 – 120 days




Montasio – mountain cheese

Ripening young, middle aged and old




Ricotta cheese

Fresh cheese




Smoked ricotta





Salty soft cheese





Gorgonzola dolce

Ripening at least 50 days




Gorgonzola piccante

Ripening at least 80 days




Parmigiano Reggiano

Ripening at least 24 months




Pecorino Romano cheese

Ripening 5 months




Taleggio – soft cheese

Ripening 40 days





Fresh cheese




Tomino del boscaiolo

Ripening 10 – 40 days




Pecorino pepato fresco

Ripening 20 – 30 days




Tuscan Pecorino cheese

Ripening 90-120 days




Pecorino Moliterno with truffles

Ripening 120-150 days




Pecorino Roncione aged in caves

Ripening at least 150 days




Caciocavallo di Agnone

Ripening at least 3 months




Fresh goat cheese





Buffalo mozzarella from Campania





Apulian burrata

Mozzarella with cream




Ricotta cake with lemon juice






Crispy snack produced with different aged cheeses from Friuli