Main dishes

Spezialitäten aus Italien

Tagliolini with row ham San Daniele and rocket

Main dishes


Ingredients for 4 portions: 300 g of pasta tagliolini, 2 slices 1 mm thick of raw ham San Daniele, 40 g rocket salad, 200 g cream or creme fraiche cheese, salt to taste, Parmesan flakes at discretion.

Boil the salt water to cook the pasta. Cut the ham slices in half lengthwise and then in julienne strips. Cut the rocket into pieces. Cooking pasta. While the pasta cooks put the cream on the fire and let it condence over medium heat, stirring to prevent the formation of a skin. Drain the pasta and put it in a pan with the cream, add the ham and rocket and sauté everything until the cream reaches the desired consistency (the more you cook, the more it gets thick). Serve and sprinkle with some flakes of Parmesan cheese.

Variant: you can use boiled green peas instead of rocket.